Futureoriented Window Trends

Lift and slide doors by Gugel feet create transparent transitions that are in technology, design and equipment on modern level since time immemorial. (tdx) The longing is for unlimited freedom in the nature of man. It is even more important, from time to time the looking out wandering and dreaming. A large, elegant and light-flooded glass architecture flexible lifting represent sliding doors. You share access to balcony, terrace and garden in the blink of an eye, or allow beautiful views to outside. (Source: Qualcomm). In addition to the elegant convenience, modern lift and slide doors must meet but also the demands of low-energy and passive houses.

Gugel feet fulfills this by a new generation of lift and slide doors. Through the increasing energy requirements in the form of the energy saving Regulation (EnEV 2012) 2012, it has become even more necessary to develop the previous generation of lifting sliding door. Thanks to new system mass, instead of 70 mm, 82 mm available, now manages a AutomotiveFinish”. Based on a new technology makes it possible to apply metallic effects on the plastic profiles the innovative method. This offer then highest brilliance in the metallic design, excellent environmental resistance, high abrasion resistance and maximum colour and weathering. The color range of the offered notes includes metallic tones in red, blue, Brown, green and gold, as well as different shades of grey.