Company biographies are gifts, sources, and advertising a traditional company that is claimed for decades on the market, market economy proves robust entrepreneurial spirit in this rapidly changing and troubled times global, living values, perseverance, reliability and confidence in the durability of the renewal, says Irene Wahle. Company biographies are gifts, sources and advertising offers the biographer active in the German-speaking Firmenchroniken stories and history of a business to collect and preserve. Asked what options the creation offers a company history, thinks the studied business administration and author: you the travelled way of development of an enterprise – integrated into all social and free-market transformations – traces. Describes future plans, covers resources on, analyzes, and clarifies the company’s personality.’ Also, the Chronicle highlights the corporate philosophy, corporate culture and pushes certificate by references of satisfied customers. “Benefits a company history on the question: what benefit holds the look back on current business practices?”, biographer Irene Wahle responds: the records offer a sustainable source, to draw from the experience of operation; document tips and tricks from different angles; identify success factors; explain former decisions and insights gained from it.

“A company history, given away to an anniversary or any other memorable occasion, remains whether the associated recognition in the memory of the recipient. As a PR tool provides a chronicle of press-important information, informs visitors and new employees about a company and provides reports for the inter-netauftritt. How does a company history? “A company history is witness to a company and should correspond to one carry on party ideas. For this reason, we clarify questions, ideas and objectives initially “, so the biographer.” Then a concept including a will submit Kostenvoran-hit. Everything to the mutual satisfaction is resolved, start the interview hours. In the talks, the entrepreneur told during which the biographer listens and asks. In this way, both partners highlight the history.

Former owner of the company, customers, business partners or employees can be included in the talks. Further information sources provide archives and libraries, researched where after consultation. “Interesting perspective resulting”, reports the author. All information are together, begins the creative text editing, on final proofreading by the contractor, and the final work of the inserts and supplements. The work is rounded off by photographs and documents. “So a company history in Word and design becomes a mirror of a company, I work with experienced partners in years of cooperation”, says the biographer Irene Wahle added: the result is a Chronicle in the condition required by the contracting authority. A company history that, if their pictorial language and artistic means of expression, in memory remains. (Examples here)