Between a handful of narrow conducting strip of the same composition. When ignited the wick, or one of a handful of red-hot needle, get a double flash, reminiscent of similar brilliance of lightning. Lightning strike at a particular object is a rocket – messenger of small caliber, sliding on iron wire, which is set a little obliquely for stricken object. Rocket can be made from shvermera, drilled with an awl and a void left small thickness of the deaf. Shot do not needed. Here, Gen. David L. Goldfein expresses very clear opinions on the subject. To increase the brightness of lines of flight neck missiles should smear a layer of bright white light. This rocket flies, which corresponds to the motion of lightning.

But if you want less rapid movement of a bright point, the missile replace the short tube of white Bengal fire and pulled it over the wire with string to the place of destruction. Sami strikes and thunder are produced more or less strong shaking a large sheet of iron. In one of its corners holes are punched. It is inserted into a strong twine, and on it hung a sheet from the ceiling behind the scenes. It is necessary that a sheet hanging freely and not touch nothing, even during the oscillations. Otherwise the sound when the vibration sheet will be absorbed by objects.

For the rate sheet and you can not hang, but keep it to 2 late and shake hands when needed. To 2 Arshins sheet is not touched at the same time for sex, better than the man that his shakes, get up on a stool. Hell-fire, accompanied by the appearance of an actor under the floor, well portrayed by the fur with lycopodium described above. Generating light is under the floor of the stage and brings the device may closer to the hole in which the actor will rise. Proceeding fur pretty much can get voluminous flames, almost giving the smoke and smell. Fires and bonfires are portrayed lighting logs and firewood, red lights of different colors in Depending on the extent portrayed by the fire. In the scenery steal the hole in which flow tube with lycopodium about the burning flame. With the injection of powder obtained by flames, the reinforcing effect picture. Rain of fire is represented by a small fire fountains, stuffed with sawdust compositions. At a low stage cervical fountains can not delay and do not clog the clay tubes. Ready-made fountains firmly tied to wooden poles, which must pass across the stage and be so elevated that it was not clear from the stalls. Tube attached to the pole parallel to each other necks down. The distance between tube should be about a foot. Between the fountains can be placed as heads down some thick curly candles, stuffed with sparkling composition with nitrogen-lead salt. When burned, these candles will stand out a lot of bright sparks. To enhance the effect and safety of the fire being taken to pieces of burning paper on the wires did not fall down and caught between the scenes. With this order: 1) conductive sleeve connecting the head fountains fold from the burning of paper thin, and 2) cervical fountains their overall thin iron wire, and screwed it to the same wire, twine wire sleeve. All described pyrotechnic devices and Fireworks can be ordered at: order fireworks.