Features Of Design And Packaging Of Steel Ropes

Industrial steel ropes are quite complex and important type of wire products. They have a large number of styles and designs and different shapes of cross section, both the rope and its elements. Except addition, there are differences, and on physical and mechanical characteristics. Ropes differ primarily in the direction of lay of the rope: the left and right (denoted by the letter A in the labeling). Ropes also differ in material Core: – the organic core of natural or synthetic materials (indicated by the OS) – with a metal core – ms. Core in the wire rope is the internal support and cushion for the strands and the very rope as a whole. Its primary function – to resist radial pressure strands during loading of the rope, while avoiding its transverse strain.

As the organic cores are used cores from the natural materials – hemp, synthetic and artificial materials – polypropylene. In the production of steel ropes are commonly used organic cores are impregnated with antiseptic and anti-corrosion compositions. Mass fraction of the impregnated composition ranges within 25-50% of the permanently dry mass of the core. In the production of steel wire rope wire rope lubricant the choice of form and methods of its application is of great importance, because of this largely depends on the reliability of the rope and the opportunity to fully use its technical resources. Grease is designed not only to protect the metal from corrosion of steel wire rope, but to ensure long-term preservation of the organic core of the rope, reduce friction and wear of both internal and external wires of the rope while working on the blocks.

The ropes are wound on wooden drums, gost 11127-78 or metal drums, as well as the returnable drums with them in the prescribed manner, or in the bay. The diameter of the neck drum shall be not less than 15 nominal diameter of the rope. Board should act on the drum outer layer of coiled steel wire rope not less than two diameters of the rope with a diameter of 25 mm and not less than 50 mm diameter rope for more than 25 mm. Allowed winding on the drum a few segments of the rope the same size.