Fatal Error

A FATAL ERROR Arnaldo Joy 1 The small objective article a reflection to make right in the subsistence and the vitality of the loving relations where one of the parts is disproportionate in face of the other in relation to the feeling. This text of personal matrix does not bring references for translating privative and peculiar experiences to love excessively. For if not dealing with theoretical and scientific knowledge it will be elementary, being able to be reflected in accordance with the subjectivity of each reader. INTRODUCTION The textualizada experience was after authorized the habitualidade of the torment, of the proportional reduction of the sentimental phenomenon consumed by the time, the loving disillusionment and a mutual and solidary aid adhered the distinct similar cause for the sort. The ERROR the incorreo appears at the beginning of the relationship, therefore all being circunspecto catches for the directions of that the loving relation will not go to last, however, the bother of the solitude and the search of the reason of the existence of both, intensify the degree of decay leading the transposition of the first obstacle. Remembering that, if one or both the parts not to precede this devoid troublesome, hardly will go to initiate the relation. Looser this, and for reason of this, appears the immediate necessity of the affective exchange and well-taken care of loans, now, if the degree of the moral discouragement and the decay of one of the parts demasiadamente will be accented and clearly demonstrated, will appear another error, mainly if one of the affective partners to demand of the other the put into an oven love. But still he will be able to survive the deformed relation, if one, or the two affective partners demonstrate ambicionados for the extinguishing of the solitary condominium. Deviating from this period of training, the loving bond fortifies and if it develops cripple, but the relation survives, therefore the delay balances the motivations of the primrdios embezzlements, except that, one or both the parts do not possess irrefletidos feelings, that is, entailed feelings the part of another previous relationship, or sensitivity of nature spiritual or, qualities moral differentiated for the scrupulous fulcrum of the religion, and why not yet to say, for the possibility of the total or partial addition of these.