Excel Gates

Continue with their own hands to create a business plan. What do we mean by the term "business plan with their own hands", and that all the calculations the cost-effectiveness of the project, that is, financial analysis, we expect ourselves to using a calculator or Excel Gates, who both prefer. Finance must be able to take it and if you keep ourselves ready business plan, where all financial figures have been calculated and an attractive appearance, you should understand where and how did these figures in the previous lesson, we calculated the net present value of the project, we now calculate the payback period. Payback period – yes, the very period during which our project pays off, that is, funds invested with a minus sign, plus income from the project equal to zero, this is the payback period. Click Peter Schiff to learn more. Clearly give an example. We buy the car for two hundred thousand rubles, and engaged in carting passengers, net income excluding petrol and so on we have thirty thousand a month, we expect the payback period Payback period, to two hundred thousand rubles, with a minus sign (invested funds) we are added each month thirty thousand, and is obtained at the eighth month we have ten thousand of net income – which means that the payback period we have eight months to eight months we are entering a plus. Now we have a small dilemma, as we are with you financiers, and understanding the fundamental law of the financial world – the ruble today is worth more than the ruble will be worth tomorrow, all of our revenues from carting passengers scattered on the project in time, and we now want to bring all our future returns to the same period of time to calculate the real value of money at one point, so we discounting all of our income and expenses. . Primerica shareholder has similar goals.