Euros Aesthetic

The one in charge to take to Pamplona the concept of Sensebene is Sonia King Orduna, neighbor of the city, that has started up its center in front of number 7 of the Monjardn street. the advantage of this location is to close have several sport centers, whose clients are people worried about aesthetic and the health, as well as intelligent buildings of offices, which guarantees a high pedestrian transit to me comments the new franchise-holder of the chain. One is a divided establishment in four rooms: face fototerapias (for the fotodepilacin by IPL and the fotorrejuvenecimiento), treatments (face hygiene, hydration, reaffirmation, tonificacin, anti-age, face anti-acne, lifting, cutaneous flaccidity ), corporal treatments (cellulitis, located adiposity, overweight, flaccidity, lymphatic, circulatory treatments, analgesic, modeled drainage corporal, reaffirmation, tonificacin, retention of liquids, sequels of acne, striae and posparto ), and platforms of vibrofitness. This enterprising one, that comes from the financial sector, assures that every time we like to take care of to us more on the inside and by outside. And he is something that does not understand of crisis: we are able to resign before to other things that to be to taste with we ourself, and of the bet abrir its own business in a sector, the one of the aesthetic one, there in the heat of height. But a favorable market is not enough to be successful, for that reason Sonia, that in addition wanted to have the certainty to initiate a business of proven success and with a certain image of mark, looked for a standard with which to go of the hand.

I did not remain with first that appeared, if not that I was analyzing several thoroughly. Sensebene was superficially as much in the professional deal with the people in charge of the power station like in the quality of its machinery, without forgetting aesthetic its centers and atmosphere that is breathed in them, whom comparison in Spain does not have at the moment. Later, other factors have come to give the reason me: three weeks of theoretical and practical formation have made one possible perfect trasmisin, as much of the knowledge to do of the mark as of the correct handling of the different apparatuses destined from each treatment. And he is that the work of Sensebene concentrates in generalizing the access to the beauty, betting by noninvasive solutions for an effective remodeling of the body, at the same time as it contributes a sustainable yield to the franchise-holder, being a referring one in the sector. For this reason, and little days of the inauguration of its establishment, the new Sonia franchise-holder King is open and even enchanted, because it will be signal that the things go well to me, abrir a second Sensebene center in Pamplona, because for a population over the 200,000 inhabitants a single aesthetic beauty and center it remains little. Corporative information Sensebene is centers of aesthetic, beauty and corporal health, that own the best machines of the market, made in Europe, accredited and made a will, supplying electro aesthetic of last generation. The initial investment is of 36,500 Euros, with royalty of operation of 400 Euros to month and one of publicity of 100 Euros. The minimum requirements of the premises are 50 meters squared of surface, in populations of 30,000 inhabitants, on foot of street or within a great commercial center. For more information: JJComunicAccin 91 409 44 94