Electronic Invoices

Electronic invoicing as printed billing, they have the same validity, both serve as proof of a purchase or commercial transaction, is used by buyers and sellers as a proof to the authorities. Like printed invoices, the law obliges to retain electronic invoices for a period of five years, in its original format. Some of the benefits that provides electronic invoicing are: reduces time-outs and processes, an exchange of information more quickly and safely, is made that you can expedite the receipt of goods, thus increasing productivity. You can save up to 50% cost of the billing process. Although makes a total change than usual, this simplifies the processes, allowing the rapid search for Auditors. There is no risk of infection by a computer virus. Ensures confidentiality in its handling, receipt and sent, reduces possible counterfeiting since it is a hard code, not as the role that only need to falsify a signature. Seeing these benefits cannot be assured now that electronic invoicing is something simple and safe to do, is just a matter make habit of new technologies and take advantage of the maximum..