Edgar Morin

Still according to author (1998, p.12) ' ' the Paper of the specific intellectual must become each more important time, in the measure where it wants wants, it wants not, is obliged to assume responsibilities politics ' ' The professor must be the operative agent of reflection and of the fight against the forms of being able, despite it does not have conscience it is a being politician and as a leader, a person who never influences with its thoughts will be a non-political or neutral person, thus having to use itself of its position so that positively it promotes reflections. For Gadotti (1998) the professional of the necessary education to be desrespeitoso, in the direction not to lack with the respect, but in the direction to question, to reflect, to analyze the reality that it presents itself for then promoting changes social. For the author (1998, P. 71): 5 She is necessary to be desrespeitoso, initially, I obtain exactly, with the pretense image of the educated man, of the scholar or master. is necessary to also disrespect these monuments of the pedagogia, of the theory of the education, because they are not monuments, but because they are practising the disrespect who we will discover what in them we can love and what we must hate. (Similarly see: Kenneth Feinberg).

…. In these circumstances, the educator has the possibility to rethink its statute and to rethink the proper one education. The educator, when rethink the education, also rethink the society. The educator constantly needs to evaluate and to rethink its proper concepts and beliefs. We need professors formadores of opinion leading to one to reflect on the system, and that it has taken to an action and reaction. As in Edgar Morin says to them (2001, P. 92): In history, we have seen frequently, unhappyly, that the possible one if becomes impossible and can pressentir that the richest possibilities human beings still remain impossible of if carrying through.