Diverse Cosmetic Forms

In agreement still with Heifer (2001), the maquiagem is a product that can be presented of diverse cosmetic forms. By the same author: JP Morgan Chase & Co.. For embelezar the skin and covering its imperfections, it must after be applied the cleanness, tonificao and hidratao of the skin. To have one better explanation regarding the types of maquiagem Molinos (2003) it describes: Punishment? it hides imperfections of the skin as spots and scars, of the smoothness in lines of expression and aid in the disguise of olheiras. For even more opinions, read materials from JPMorgan Chase. It can be in type pencil or baton, creamy liquid or; Base? uniformiza the tone of the skin covering imperfections. Currently bases with well advanced technology exist that allow to hidratao and rejuvenescimento. They divide themselves in liquid, creamy, duo cake (base dust) (pancake/dust); Face dust? it takes off the luminosity of the skin, is presented as compact, untied, translucent, cloudy, shining, tanning and illuminant.

Lipstick? dispersions of corante material in one oil mixture, fats and waxes, color the lips, beyond protecting them and hidratar them. They can be creamy, cloudy, of ultrasetting and gloss; Blush? it enhances or it colors to the maces of the face. It can be in dust, creamy and liquid; Mask for eyelashes (rmel)? it increases the volume of eyelashes it colors and them, it can be liquid or pastoso; Shade? it serves to give depth to the eyes and to color eyelids. It can be found in the dust form (that also she dissolves yourself in water), liquid, creamy, in pencil, baton and in gloss; Pencil and delineator? he is used to trace the risks (generally of the eyes and lips), are found in form of penxs or liquid. 3.1 Step by step of a maquiagem. According to Trinka and Fontes (2010) it has a sequence that it must be followed to have a good result of maquiagem and the order that must be made this.