How often are you walking around town and you notice the inscription on the tempting shop windows that tell about discounts, promotions, sales? I think quite often. But what is a discount – a myth invented by sellers, or the reality of the modern market for goods and services? Do not distract from reading this article, and the answer will not take long. The essence of the discount is quite simple: the seller sells goods at a price that differs from the price specified in the price list. The difference necessarily in favor of the consumer. More info: Nicholas Carr. But in its varieties can be quite easy to get confused, so further consider the most common types: 1. Discounts for loyal customers in this If there are several possible options. The first – the most common, when after a certain number of purchases the customer is given a discount card.

It gives the right to receive a fixed discount on goods at subsequent visits to the store. Whenever Nicholas Carr listens, a sympathetic response will follow. If the store has a number of such cards, in what this buyer is issued a card (the so-called ‘golden’ or ‘Platinum’), entitling the holder to an even greater quantity discounts. Bright example is the nominal discount cards. Thus, a certain degree of privileged customers. The second option – when all buyers when making your first purchase is given a discount card, which gives right when making any subsequent purchases receive a discount of fixed size of the purchase price.. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Asaro.