Developer Blizzard

Driver release was the second of March. Rolling back a new version of the drivers was caused by stopping the fan video, and cause overheating of the GPU up to the combustion of the last of many consumers. One of the Developer Blizzard, first noticed the problem when it hit a flurry of technical support queries, which spoke of malfunction and overheating graphics cards. Quote: "We get reports that players complain periodically at low FPS, after installing these drivers. It seems that reason – it does not operate with cooled video card drivers that causes severe overheating of the video processors in 3D applications. The problem affects Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft and StarCraft 2 Beta. Please install the drivers for the previous version. NVIDIA video drivers, removed this version from my website and made a statement to the press, in which company representatives ask users to roll back the video card drivers to a previous version 196.21 WHQL-certified.

"We are aware that some users have problems with the speed of cooling fans installed with version 196.75 WHQL drivers. Until we identify the causes of these problems, recommend that users install the WHQL drivers version 196.21. Meanwhile, the release will be temporarily removed 196.75 from our website. Any owner of a graphic accelerator NVIDIA, who is having issues due to load and use Driver version 196.75, may request in support of the manufacturer of your video card "Reports on the Internet report that the driver version is 196.75 malfunction fan GeForce graphics chips and the temperature rises above 100 C. At this stage it is not known whether sellers or Geforce video cards by NVIDIA itself compensate users whose cards have been damaged or have broken down because of this problem. If you have recently updated the drivers, we recommend immediately roll them up to the previous version, even if you did not notice any interruption in the video card.