Cycle To Be Fit

Cycling is the most popular sports and the bike to the most versatile sports equipment. Cycling is the most popular sports and the bike to the most versatile sports equipment. ing through. Because it is equally well suited for young and old alike and can be used anywhere and under various landscape conditions. As spinning, it has conquered the fitness studios and has thus even independent from weather conditions. It is excellent as endurance training and training against overweight and immobility.

The kick in the pedal stroke cycle strengthens the condition and the General Constitution. It trains not only the leg muscles, but also that of the abdomen, the feet, the arms and the basin. Lung, heart and circulatory system are strengthened, the support and movement apparatus at the same time relieved. It is suitable also for persons, whose Beweglichkeit is restricted. Because the bike virtually the whole body pumping, abundant happiness hormones are secreted. Also helps that it fatty deposits on the Po,.

Melt hips and thighs can be, helps against cellulite and preventing varicose veins. According to plan to do something for the health, must not just be kicking like the pros of the tour de France in the pedals. Already the daily commute to work or vacation and weekend tours improve the condition. Newcomers should be slow in any case. Otherwise there is risk a bad muscle aches. But within about three weeks, we have also untrained with her steel horse on tours. Regularly three times a week must be for that already in the pedals. Very important: The first five minutes loosely a cycle, so that the muscles warm up. In the first week, no more than 20 minutes in the saddle should be spent. It can then three times in the second 40 and 60 minutes per day in the third. The right equipment is there bikes in all price ranges. It is especially important that they are well maintained and safe. Healthy to sit, you should with a well padded Saddle (for example with gel) make a full seat. An upright posture or more frequent changing of the seating position, as well as regular breaks have numbness and pain in the buttocks and genital level above. To wear a helmet, is not mandatory, but are provided for the personal safety. It is also a role model for children, for which helmets represent a vital protection. Feel good in training is the motto who adheres to this launcher and continue training consistently, will quickly realize how many benefits as his struggle to leave. But don’t forget: feel good while exercising is the motto. Best there is located on the pulse, whether you also not take over with cycling. The basic rule for rides, the perfect Pulsbereicht is: 220 minus age minus 30 percent. A 30-year-old should come with their training heart rate i.e. on 130. Shopping tip is Europe’s number one for two-wheeled vehicles with 22,000 articles and 370 brands. Errors and omissions are particularly interesting with above-average savings potential of several hundred euros. Also in terms of customer service, this online store convinced. “Not for nothing, 2007 received by the magazine in the mail-order consultant” online shop of the year award “in the category of business-to-consumer.