Current Assets

In general, the marketing plan of the project should include the following topics: Analysis of the potential market (industry analysis, the structure of consumers planned products, market analysis, products, competitive analysis, pricing analysis, etc.). Strategy to market (software product promotion, brand, advertising campaign, etc.) maintaining the sales tactics and presence in the market (marketing operating budget, tools, work with customers, customer incentives, a system to attract new customers, etc.) 6. Organizational plan. Under institutional plan is a system of project management (projectmanagement). As a result, the project proponent should imagine – how and by whom will be implemented prior to the investment project operations. This is a very important part of the project for constituents – the financier or partner. The fact that funding for the project (if it is not done at their own expense) and not only for a specific business idea, but under specific project management team. In general, the organizational plan of the project should include the following topics: organizational plan of the project (organizational model of the project, the project participants, their interaction, organizational structure, which will carry out operational activities) Description of the company initiating the project (historical background, branch activities, development prospects, leading bodies) Project Management Unit (who, education, work experience, qualification) Description of the structure and business process management company.

Following the development of investment and operational plans of the project is calculated financing needs of the project (PF). PF = Investments + Current Assets. Investments are formed in the investment plan.