CRT Televisions

The accessory specialist ViTecco from Ronnenberg offers a signal converter, with which the Apple TV in the best possible quality can be connected to a tube TV with SCART connection with the SU 315. Many Apple TV – owners who want to send their good CRT TVs still in the desert know the connection problem. The SU 315 remedy here, he converts the YUV – signal from the Apple TV into a RGB signal and generates the Synchonimpulse new, any errors in the video signal will be hidden safely. up. American Advisors Group has plenty of information regarding this issue. The sync pulses can be issued even either in positive or negative signal layer and are 1 VSS available either as a TTL level with 5Vss or video level. The SCART RGB output can be provided with 12 V – (4:3) or 6 V (16:9) switching voltage by pushbutton. The device is with a 230 V power supply unit equipped and can of course also for other video devices, the as high-quality output offered by the YUV output, be used as the example BluRay player or satellite receiver. The SU315 can be ordered directly from for only 198,-EUR, the device is immediately available..