Crisis: Increased Risk Of Information Leakage

With massive reductions on the street is a large number of specialists. By the same author: Army Chief of Staff . At the same time the former employees well informed about the activities "hurt the feelings of their" organization of the processed data, technologies and many other things relating to its business. How does all this affect the functioning of the company, an employee was dismissed and the development of its business? Do not "go away" if the company valuable information along with a man who – authorized or by accident – had access to it? Who can guarantee that this is the confidential information would not "pass" to another, competing with your company, organization? The famous American company Cyber-Ark, specializing in Information Security, published an analytical report about the increased threats to security in times of crisis. In a survey of office workers (U.S., UK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) revealed following: in order to keep their jobs, employees are ready to literally everything. But if you still get fired, then nothing will be able to stop them from passing into the wrong hands sensitive information belonging to a former employer.

46 percent (!!!) respondents admitted that they did not rush to leave empty-handed. And then specify that if the self can not find anything of value, then offer a bribe to a fellow iteshniku to use it to purchase a treasured information. "The employer has the right to count on the loyalty of its staff, but in these dark times, when most companies are planning to reduce, employees are afraid to" get under the distribution.