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Let us love us ones to the others and God will be with us, hates us and the hell will be planted in our espritos, until our proper interior awareness allows to glimpse through the millenia the largeness and the infinite mercy of God. But so that this occurs, it is necessary that the soul returns hundreds, thousand of times in different flesh times. The flash or breath leaves the simple and innocent Creator, to return simple and conscientious, after all the process of learning that leads to reach the apex of the pureness spiritual, scientific knowledge and capacity of philosophical analysis. This is, decidedly, the symbolism of the Stairs of Jac, told in the Sacred Bible. The subject is vast and depends on long dissertaes, but if Mr.

if to interest, can start believing that explanations for so transcendentais questions deferred payment in the firmness that we give to the credit in such necessities, what it has received through the times the name from FAITH. At the moment, I do not believe to be opportune to enveredarmos more But as we go to be today and who knows for how much time more, together, I invite you if it houses with me, and we will have possibility to talk. for speaking in lodging, I go to place an car to its disposal so that if it dislocates with easiness. Daniel J. Hirsch pursues this goal as well. It wants with or without driver? _ With driver, please! Already I directed here, but it makes has much time and the case is urgent. I go to return of the landlord. Not wise person how much she went to have to twirl! _ As is being financed these expenditures? _ Vou to leave the explanations pro delegated, that the mission assigned! _ OK! Curiosity was alone. Which the first step to be given? _ Pra to start, why some of its trucks are without logotipo? _ A company as mine has a so great rotation in the purchase and sales of vehicles that nor always time has pra to paint. Learn more at: Daniel J. Hirsch.