Couples Company

There are many couples who together run a company. If the private is also the professional partner, couples often face special challenges. “Realistic, competent and entertaining at the same time allows view Lianne Fravi and Bettina Plattner-Gerber in companies of pairs of to do” how able to live together happily and successfully lead the joint undertaking. Relationship and love advice there are many, books on the subject of leadership and management are just as numerous. But what happens when these two ranges overlap? Common running of a company as a pair is rarely been addressed. Also, the two entrepreneurs Lianne Fravi and Bettina Plattner-Gerber noted that. Like many couples who run a business as a team, whether in the gastronomy, the agriculture, in the creative sector, medicine, trade or craft, they wanted a professional advisor to the page. Therefore, they wrote the comprehensive guide companies to do couples”in which both their personal Incorporated the experience and professional skills, as the latest evidence of the communication and Economics and the relationship – and organizational psychology. If couples company”contains practical content, checklists, questionnaires, photos of couples, loving illustrations and promoting a better understanding of the interactions between husband, wife, partnership and company. Twelve representative portraits of leadership and entrepreneur pairs are together travelling daily life, both in the profession, provide a deep insight into the successful and harmonious life and work these special couples. Wife of the entrepreneur and the entrepreneur man are for each other all in one ‘: friend, buddy, spouse, colleague, coach, suggestion box, sometimes superior. The biggest success factor is the common vision that must constantly be pursued”, believe the two experts for corporate governance. Are any other constellation Loyalty and solidarity so pronounced. The result is a unique market advantage. If you divided the tasks on four shoulders, arise. leadership, responsibility, fun and know-how in the double pack” If couples company carry a manual Kosel Verlag Munchen ISBN: 978-3-466-30964-1 368 pages, 29.99 (D) 30.90 (A), 40.90 CHF more details: Gabriele Becker – the Agency for press & public available. 101, 80636 Munchen Tel. 089-15820206, FAX 089-15820208 mail: Bettina Plattner-Gerber, born in 1964, Dipl. Hoteliere EHL (Hotel Saratz Pontresina, Hotel Castell Zuoz), business excellence assessor, Engadin district Ratin, trustee of the Graubunden Innovation Foundation, trustee of the Klaus Grawe Foundation to promote the psychotherapy research. Today, she is with her husband Richard Plattner together independently. The PAL & PAL AG launched a new concept for apartments with services in Engadin St. Moritz 2012 with the brand ALPINELODGING. Lianne Fravi, born 1968, is a certified psychologist and management consultant in private practice for business and Laufbahncoaching, psychological counselling and couple consultations in Affoltern in Zurich.