Copy Protected Videos

Altenative to the Blu-ray disc a new HD player for offline and online videos was presented as now. High-definition “HD” and CINEMA TICK interested holders of film rights, label, exploiters of rights and rights holders can now get a test version of the Player runtime to request a protected download area for movies in high-definition. The DEMO player limited in its functions is provided on basis of the CINEMA stick Windows runtime 1.02 available. This DEMO player has but not design modules and other possible CINEMA TICK features such as menu functions (final user interface similar to the DVD or BD menus), plays, but already by CINEMA TICK (encrypteten) SD or HD Videokontent encrypted offline and in real time. In addition, professional prospects of this new HD Applkation can now even the image quality Blu-ray experience alternative directly from a USB flash drive or a DVD (as a pure disk).

The DEMO player plays only CINEMA stick formats (.emv). What is possible? Be played offline playback of encrypted / encrypteten videos experience videos can new offline copy protection mechanisms (copy protection) only through the CINEMA stick player real time playback and control over a Windowsrechner representation of the HD quality (1280 x 720 HD DEMO) Player plays only CINEMA TICK content rights holders can submit own content to create the DEMO-rights and notes: the demo player and Videokontent is released for legitimate users only a transfer to third parties or publication is prohibited privacy: Any content is encrypted by download with user-related data. For internal testing purposes the application can be played from USB flash drive, a CD or DVD not only from a hard disk, but also directly from a. No installations are required for the use of the CINEMA stick DEMO player.