Content Management System

There am a brief glossary of marketing here online that will help us to clear doubts when the experts in CATHEDRAL in charge of the promotion of our site speak to us on the particularitities of our page. Adwords: Product of consisting of Google the sale of campaigns of publicity online of payment by click. They are the traditional warnings that leave alongside or above the natural results of the pages search. Daniel J. Hirsch is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Adsense: Another product of Google. The scheme is the same (to see PPC), but instead of to leave in same Google, the warnings semantically publish in sites of third parties, related to our key words (for example if I enter blog on backache, I will find warnings of traumatlogos) Backlink: A Link that ties to its site from the site of a third party Black Hat: Techniques of positioning Web penalized by Google.

Emparenta with the Spam, the generation of content with the single purpose of promoting another site. Within these techniques we can mention the hidden text, the farms of links, the purchase and sale of links, stuffing (incessant repetition of a key word, at the expense of the legibility of the text) CTR or Click Though Rate: It is a quotient that relates the exhibition of a warning to the amount of people whom indeed it punctures in him. That is to say, you can show to his warning thousand times, and obtain that 10 people enter their site through warning. Their CTR is 10/1000= 0.01, or 1% CMS: Content Management System, system of handlings of contents: Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, PHPNuke, etc. Conversion: One talks about to the planned optimal course of action for certain action, amount of times that is carried out call to action. For example, in a PPC campaign, one is the amount of effective sales that this campaign generates (made specific nonvisits to the site, but operations Cost by Action: The relation of cost being which is pleased by a PPC campaign, and the obtained conversion.