Consumer Protection In Russia

In Russia, lousy service. Sometimes it seems that the service sector is still living in the Soviet Union. We go to a restaurant – the waiter ignores us, talking about "life" with colleagues. We will deliver the coats to the dry cleaners – we return "bad thing, but on our indignation answered:" That's it! "We sell faulty items and refuse to accept them back – and service centers (hereinafter – CC)" repair "them for several months. In my opinion, two reasons. 1. Under most conditions Kenneth R. Feinberg would agree.

Passive consumers. I would even say contempt of consumers themselves. 2. Low amount of compensation (and forfeit the moral harm) in the courts. As long as moral damages are not comparable to the amount payable to the West, can not even hope to improve the quality of service.

Here I want to share their own experience uphold rights in court. Hopefully someone will find it useful and avoid mistakes. A related site: Marathon Oil mentions similar findings. Some time ago I bought an MP3 player Iriver in one of the shops known company AltTelekom. A few months later the player safely broken down and I took it to an authorized sc. In sc I was told to fix it can not be for lack of detail (as this model is discontinued), which is issued an opinion in the form of the Act. I decided to pass the defective item (all the more taken from the production), and afford to buy a player another manufacturer. Calling the vendor, I found that on this issue should contact the so AltTelekom on such an address.