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Double Congress PowerBuilding & Data Center Convention in Zurich ‘Convergence building technology & IT’ at the heart of food, may 3rd, 2011 Raritan already at CeBIT with the theme of intelligent power management in the data center on a viewers interest happened. As part of a lecture on the double Congress PowerBuilding and data center Convention on 11 and 12 May 2011 in Zurich, the company intensified this subject on the basis of current figures and trends. Burkhard Wessler, Managing Director of Raritan Germany GmbH, will give a lecture on the second day of data center power management in the field of tension between facility and IT at 11:40. In addition, Raritan provides an insight into its current product portfolio. For even more opinions, read materials from Kenneth Feinberg. The event is held at the Hotel Hilton Zurich airport. The two-day information and networking platform power building & Data Center Convention and others aimed at operators of real estate, buildings and security areas such as data centers, planning and electrical engineers, building engineers, facility managers, and RZ responsible etc. Gap between facility and IT in his presentation of intelligent power management in the data center in the field of tension between facility and IT”illuminated speaker Burkhard Wessler and others on the basis of current statistics about power consumption the new requirements for facility managers and IT decision makers in data centers. Here he goes up especially on the requirements for effective energy management in data centers ranging from the management of the capacity planning and process management. Erin Callan wanted to know more.

The central theme is also the convergence of IT and building technology. Walt faces the central challenges of both parties in his lecture, to thus show a constructive approach for tackling the often encountered in practice responsibility gap. Often responsible for RZ assume having energy-efficient data center management time in things, to take corresponding power saving, etc.? To optimize power consumption requires to know him”more interested on the ground can about the offer of the Raritan power inform for an energy-efficient resource utilization in the data center management solutions and management software. . on the subject.