Conama Resolution

Last chamber of combustoA temperature of the gases in the exit of the chamber must be equal or superior 1000C. The time of residence of the 0,8 gases must be equal or superior s.Cinzas and escriasNo must have presence of volatile materials in leached ashes and slags when analyzed as NBR 10.664.As samplings of leached ashes and slags must in accordance with be carried through NBR 10.007. The leached ashes and the slags must however be made use in compatible sanitary aterros with the classification of the residues, restricting themselves characterization of the same ones to the parameters mentioned in Table 1. Source: CETESB (2009) Monitorial continuous, pointers and registradoresO incinerator will have to be provided with the following effluent continuous monitors in the gaseous ones installed in the chimney, according to table 02.Tabela 2 – Monitorial continuous Source: CETESB (2009) Limits of emission for effluent gasososA speed of the effluent gases of the chimney must be such that allows to carry through samplings of the same ones. Chemical the substance concentrations (in the particulado form of and vapor) in effluent the gaseous ones of the chimney do not have to be superior to the limits of emission established by the specific norms. In the cases where the effluent one to present pertaining substances the different classrooms, the total concentration (it adds of the individual concentrations), does not have to be superior to the limit highest of the classroom where if it has some present element. Effluent limits of emission for lquidosOs effluent liquids when launched in public system of sewers, provided with station of treatment with capacity and adjusted type, effluent liquids when launched in bodies will have to take care of to the standards of emission of the Article 19-A of the Regulation of the Law in 997/76.Os d' water will have to take care of to the limits of emission to the standards of quality of the established receiving bodies in Articles 10, 1 1, 12, 13 and 18 of the Regulation of the Law in the 997/76 of 3l/05/76 approved by the Decree in the 8468/76 of 08/09/76 and Articles 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 21 of the Conama Resolution in the 20/86 of 18/06/86.Em the case of launching of effluent liquids in bodies d' water, beyond the attendance to the current law, will have previously to be carried through the disinfection of the effluent ones to the launching. .