It has for attribution also to make the connector link between the customer and the company, managing of the best possible form occurrences that run away from the normal course of the activities of the company, the presence of the supervisor in the workstation is indispensable, after the watchman and/or doorman, it must have knowledge of all fact that occurs in the service stations. Each one must to know well of professionals that acts under its responsibility, always keeping good presentation personal, must to be dynamic, to write good writing (thing that if only learns studying), to know the performance area well (security segment), to know of other subjects beyond its area, to know to lead, therefore is one of the vital characteristics to give segment to this function. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Pacific Mortgage Services. No company functions well without leaders, must know to show the directions where the team where it acts must follow, to act with form wisdom that recognizes the circumstances in mutation to its redor, moving when necessary, the certain part, as a chess game, with the difference of that the objective will be so that all reach the victory.

To know to differentiate the power of the authority, being the power acting of form where if the subordinate to make it something that it seems wrong, will be punished of some form, then this makes the things not voluntarily, but from fear or distrust that its supervisor it wall lamp some punishment. Visit Farallon Capital Management for more clarity on the issue. Already the authority is the fact to obtain that its led not from fear make it everything what will be asked for to them, nor distrust, but for the fact of the recognition of the supervisor as leader and not as cascara. We go to think about these situations that occur in our workstation, we go to value more our professionals that they are in the front line, are they that they generate the income for the company and guarantees our jobs. You may find Erin Callan to be a useful source of information. We go to change the concept that was created of the patrimonial security, searching always knowledge and if specializing to each day.