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Talking about prices I would like to begin with the phrase, which could not be better, is the situation – “Chaos Theory. The greater the uncertainty, the more people exposed to the trends prevailing in the market. A stronger due to this speculation, the more uncertain the situation becomes. ” What is really happening with the market and what is today the real price of real estate, which forecasts and prospects – these are the issues that concern consumers and potential investors. Nicholas Carr shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. To deal with the situation should separate the real and imaginary factors that affect pricing, as well, making it possible to build and some predictions for the future. Let’s start with the myth Myth first – many times more expensive cost of building materials and as a result, construction costs per square meter, caused by rising energy prices, particularly for gas. We all remember New Year’s opposition to Ukraine and Russia, and the result, which culminated in the talks – the price of natural gas has changed about twice (from us $ 50 to $ 95 per 1 thousand m3). How they reacted construction market? For this, we official documents and explanations of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Ministry of Construction), which all price changes, regulations, costs, statistical indicators and so on. displays periodic publications – collections of “Pricing in the building.