Collinan Diamond

The largest diamond of all recovered to date is the Cullinan diamond, whose weight before treatment was as much as 3,106 carats, which is equivalent to 621 grams. Huge mineral was accidentally discovered more than a century ago South African diamond mine, owned by T. Kullinanu. Grand crystal was lucky to see Frederick Wells, manager of a diamond mine, when he made the evening rounds. Polukilogrammovy diamond literally lying under the feet, as if impatient waiting for his moment of glory. And soon it happened. 'Cullinan' was sold to the uk for 800 thousand dollars and a gift for my birthday to the King Edward vii. To broaden your perception, visit Cyrus Taraporevala.

Faceting of the diamond was so outstanding decided to entrust the Dutch company Asscher Brothers, which for two-year investigation of the stone. Only after a meticulous analysis of the stone decided to divide into 9 large and 96 small diamonds. Even after crushing two diamonds continue retain the title of the largest in the world. It's the Great Star of Africa '(or Cullivan I) weighing 530 carats and' Little Star of Africa '(also known as Cullivan II) weighing 317 carats. The largest diamond encrusted in the British royal scepter, and second stone adorns the crown of the Queen of Great Britain..