Claudia Jung – Loved, Laughed, Cried

The new album by Claudia Jung – loved, laughed, loved cried, laughed, cried”is the title of the current best album by Claudia Jung. The motto of the phonogram is something like a personal resume, a kind of musical review. Claudia Jung is now 25 years successfully on the stage and in the music business. But the person Claudia Jung has to offer far more than that. She made almost impossible to bring namely musical success, personal happiness with husband Hans and daughter Anna, as well as a political career as a Bavarian Landtag under a hat.

That deserves respect and sounds like strict self-discipline, incredibly much energy and assertiveness. And precisely these attributes describe more or little precisely the secret of success of this extraordinary artist. Everything does Claudia Jung, makes no compromises with all usage, with passion. These character traits found also in the songs, which either itself writes with Claudia, or personally selects. It is this honesty in the Songs like in the personal attitude that to appreciate the people on her. Loved, laughed, cried”is the ultimate best of compilation album by Claudia Jung for the 25th anniversary.

In addition to all hits of their steady success path, also three brand-new titles can be found on the phonogram. I believe in love”the new songs are loved, laughed, cried,” I know that I can still fly”and the beautiful Duet with the celebrity guest of Udo Wenders anniversary tour. “” “” “Also, it is interesting that their five big hits from the early days of her career je’ T’aime mon amour”, who knows the longing, Domani l’amore vincera’, come on dance one last time with me “and Amore, amore” were re-recorded and soundlich brought up to date. Otherwise all the singer’s successful songs are on the album up to the present day. “” “” So title as let us nor even lies “, breathless” silent signals “, even if it is not reasonable”, the beautiful “Me give you roses” in a remixed version and of course must also the sensational success Duet with Nik P summer wine, like the love sweet and wild “not to be missed. Who would like to get a musical overview of all the great successes of Claudia Jung in the last 25 years is well supplied with this album. In addition to the normal CD, there is also a high-quality Deluxe version that includes even a DVD the best of album, which shows a 20-minute documentary about Claudia Jung titled “A thousand women”. Also two video clips for the songs “Real love” (this title is a live version of one of the concerts in the spring of 2010) and “A thousand women” from last year’s production of the TV show “Hit hit” (MDR) on the DVD. Claudia Jung has written German pop history in the last 25 years. She has can celebrate again big successes. Loved, laughed, cried,”summarizes these successes and returns with three new Super songs equal views in the musical Future. “Source: Koch universal music more info: and Claudia Jung the album loved, laughed, cried” (No. CD 2737333) and the eponymous Deluxe version (CD & DVD 2747299) is available from November 19, 2010 in the trade. Contact: Press & online: TV: & radio: