Chinese Civilization

In the delay to understand Chinese civilization and oriental wisdom is the danger of subjecting us to their political and economic powers, instead of opening us to a rich dialogue for all. Submissions nor impossible alliances between civilizations and cultures. The very essence of civilizations lies in its ability to host and delivered, sharing knowledge. We grew up in fear to Mao, such as threat and danger. But, as holding Poch-of-Feliu nowadays China, Mao was not a typical Chinese, but a visionary proactive who told the men that they could move mountains and taking Heaven by storm. He was aware of the enormous inertial force of the millennial Chinese tradition. The typical Chinese rulers are more realistic as Zhou En Lai or Deng Xiaoping, people, pragmatists and moderates they were not ignoring the strength of the art of governing Confucian. While in the West we decision the carnage to the crumble the gerontocracy of the party which ruled China, were weaving the warps to build a strong and prosperous country.

With white or black cats. If Lenin defined Russian communism as the power of the soviets, more electrification of the whole country, we could now say that Chinese communism is to build a strong and prosperous China in a great harmony. It is the Confucian ideal of social cohesion arising from a thriving economy and a stable society. Thus evolved the institutional strategy: in 2002 was the concept of creating a modestly well-off society; in 2004 introduced the scientific development; in 2005 it was stated the goal of building a harmonious society, according to the great intuitions of Taoism and Confucianism, as recognized by its Prime Minister: don’t have to imitate to the West. Lao Tse as the basis of our philosophy and Confucio as guidance in the Government for maintaining the system economic endowed with superior a rationality and a moral future, able to perform Confucian universal harmony. China is supported by the pressure of the need, but as says the researcher Niu Wenyuan, if China can make its own sustainable development, no country in the world can say that it is not capable of the same. Before us is the challenge not to fear the dragon but try to understand us. Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo Professor Emeritus of the UCM.