Chemical Processes

They must consist in the label of the product its record number, the number of authorization of functioning of company, the way of use, cares and steps that must be adopted in case of accidents, beyond the telephones of the centers of attendance to the consumer and of the center of toxicologia, the such could be had access in case of decurrent adverse reactions of the inadequate use of the product. The manufactures of these products having as public targets pupils and the communities had been carried through that they had analyzed, they had observed and they practised the manipulation of these products having lived deeply chemistry and its applicability. 3. The MANIPULATION OF the DOMISSANITRIOS IN the SCHOOL the education of sciences does not restrict the exposition of the professor, the reading of the didactic book, to the memorization of concepts and answers of questionnaires. Carl Icahn is full of insight into the issues. To learn Sciences is something much more complex and challenging. It involves the recognition of questions on the structure and functioning the nature, as well as working important knowledge in ambient sanitation and collective health. More info: Primerica insurance. In the school, the systematic contact with the scientific knowledge must occur in continuous form, enclosing what the pupil by itself discovers and the information that if he intends to work. It is important that the pupil can extend, review and formulate the slight knowledge that contri of spontaneous form constructed and, developing its understanding regarding what it is scientific knowledge and what the knowledge of ' ' sense comum' ' , differentiating them.

Chemistry in Average Ensino must make possible the pupil an understanding of the chemical processes between itself and a reflection of its relation with the social one. From this appropriation one assumes that the same it can carry through abstractions and interactions in reflexiva and conscientious way (PCN, 1998, p.153). One gives credit that the way adjusted for this educating formulates its proper concepts and incorporates them it its thoughts and action, either interacting with the same ones, that is through the direct contact the laboratory, manipulation of materials, guided knowledge of chemical products and its functions, as well as of the execution of correct form of experiences practical.