Carnival Mine

It is carnival To the three hours of the dawn I woke up e, there exactly, in the horizontal line, I initiated a series of respiratory deep. There it are the carnival breaches the homogeneity of the common time, opening the indiferenciado regimen, daily pay-discursivo, necessary to the periodic revigoramento of the telluric fecundidade and to the purificao of the souls. The domestic night, silence, and all the absorbed oxygen testified there that effectively the carnavalidade does not reach me in my space, the perfect place, the only accurate center where, to that hour it touched, me to be. Certification, by the way, superfluous, inasmuch as nobody nor thing some questioned my paradeiro. thus would have followed the existence, was not carnavalesco, tenuous, mortio, but threatening the furtive incursion of one estribilho of the cosmic beatitude segregates that me. Estribilho recollected this: I go to kiss you now, it has not taken me the evil, Today it is Carnival Mine mandala did not filter almost nothing of the emotion that flooded my viscera.

But what is this that me arrebata in my proper sanctuary? In the emergency it helped me the discovering of the ambiguous motivation exhumed by verses. Ambiguous it is little. In the truth the psiquismo was mobilized in diverse fronts: in the contemplation of happy moments, insepultos, of soft perfumes and gentile silhouettes; in the instantaneous qualification of its irreversibilidade; in nostalgia of the ednica freedom and in the rescue of the delights of that one, that estribilho evoked, and of other carnivals. Antemanh, perhaps coed-opt for unborn dreams, adormeci. I woke up with the bells of the chapel.

To this new sonorous incursion mandala radicalized, blocking all the tickets diurnas. I came back then to sleep. I dreamed. The dreams still were there.