Car Crash Through Barriers

Commitment against the degradation of steel guard rails on German highways against the disappearance of barriers is strong the initiative the security on your side therefore. Here it is committed together to educate people about the life-saving benefits of steel barriers. The initiative emphasizes also that only steel crash barriers with RAL – quality mark to be used that meet the security criteria of the European standard DIN EN 1317 and the ‘guidelines for passive protection on roads by vehicle restraint systems (RPS)’. In DIN EN 1317 is must must be regulated, tested such as road restraint systems (barriers), before they are placed on public roads. Every one and a half minutes a person in the road is injured in Germany; one person is killed every two hours. This tragic record has drawn Federal Statistical Office from road traffic accidents of in recent years. It is also shocking that almost every second child killed in traffic in a car killed in an accident. Although the number of accidents with fatalities have fallen in recent years, 2010, yet more than 3,600 victims were to complain.

2011 is expected after many years of steady decline for the first time with an increase of deaths compared to the previous year. The causes of accidents are some of the most not the traffic conditions adapted driving. Reliable protection is even more important when it comes to the worst. The principle of the “forgiving road” means that a driving error is not necessarily punished with the maximum penalty. The development of passive safety, E.g. the development of the crumple zones in cars, has helped in the past decades much, that fatal accidents have decreased. The plasticity of the body is absorbed the energy of loads and thus the inmates saved from worse. Crash barriers have the same basic idea. You give and gently redirect the vehicles.