Business Exploration

And six together, we have taken a walk around the town and then, we have approached the bar to drink some wine with a couple of tapas and against which we have been talking a bit. After a few wines and when languages are beginning to lock, we have taken the hostel management and the latest reviews of the day and arguing about what awaits us tomorrow, and we have gone to bed and tomorrow: Less than May 1, 2008 I got up at six in the morning, I’ve put the socks, and out of the room quietly to avoid disturbing the other fourteen who have shared with me, I left the room area and there I have looked to the outside through the windows. The mist of crystals and the darkness outside did not allow me to appreciate any details so I opened the door to the backyard, and a gust of cold air almost makes me shiver.

I have gone abroad and not daring to go down the four steps leading to the backyard, I glanced at the sky and I saw that they were very clear, with more clouds than stars and those, sliding lazily through them. I have given another turn and coming back, I closed the door then go back to the bedroom where I’ve found that people were beginning to rise. No longer care to make noise, I got my sleeping bag, I dressed in the prevention of T-shirt to wear over my field jacket and the fleece and boots, I closed the bag and wishing everyone good way , without even going to the bathroom, I’ve thrown at the exit ready to begin the march of the day..