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This is not a product for use on dry skin. Toners: Are mild review and are intended for normal and dry skin. Air fresheners: recommended for dry, sensitive or problem skin. Moisturizers: Replenishes moisture and nourishes the skin. Types of Moisturizers: Moisturizers for normal skin: Helps maintain moisture in normal skin.

Moisturizers for dry skin: Helps restore natural moisture balance of skin. Oil Control Moisturizers: Help control excess oil and prevent staining Emollients: Are rich creams suited for extra dry skin that replenishes the natural supply of oil from the skin. This form of a protective shield moisturizer that minimizes moisture evaporation and allows increased hydration of dry. Masks: Exfoliates surface cells died as hydrates and moisturizes the skin. Types of masks, facial masks for normal to dry skin: Helps relax facial muscles and remove dry flaky skin. Filed under: Peter Schiff. Facial masks for oily skin: Refines skin texture and deep cleans to help control surface sebum.

Pore Packages: are designed to eliminate blackheads and reduce blemishes. Mostly used for oily skin. Foundation for the Protection: Foundation protects the skin maintain moisture and dirt with the added benefit of a flawless finish. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Schiff. This is a step that some women skip because they do not know how to stop applying and not getting the desired look. A couple of suggestions: Make sure you have the type that is compatible with your complexion, the color test in the jawline and should be the same color as your complexion and make sure you have exfoliated (if not the foundation will show up as flaky). Types of Foundation: Full Coverage: used for normal to dry skin for extra hydration. Middle of coverage: is used to normal to oily skin. Whatever your skin type take care of keeping it clean. Cleanse, tone and moisturize every morning and every night. Irregular or improper cleansing causes skin problems and makeup that dull skin left on the skin surface, while oil and dead skin cells clog the pores and causes pimples. Sheila Dicks is a wardrobe and image consultant who teaches women how to look slimmer by dressing to suit your body type. Keep checking in to download a copy of your e-remodeling of the book How to build image and get a free wardrobe.