Brand Stamping Steel HNM

The steel grade steel is presented in the metallurgical industry for more than a hundred different brands. Each of them has its own characteristics and purpose. For example, of die steel 5HNM manufacture high-quality vapor-hammer punches and pneumatic hammers (weight of falling parts of more than 3 tons), press tools and dies-speed punching machine. Tool steel die Brand Steel H12F1 needed for the production of elements such as sections of body dies of complex shape, rolling dice, standard gears, dies, complex dyroproshivnye matrix in sheet metal forming and so on. Learn more at: Peter Schiff. In this steels, there are two substitutes, similar in its properties. This steel grades H6VF and H6V3FM.

3H3M3F – Die instrumental 3H3M3F tool steel used for production of various small instruments. In addition, because it produced the mold for hot-cutting knives and other tools. Group of die steels have high strength and durability. The steel grade 3H3M3F can also be designed to hot deformation.