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These days made the return to Colombia a competition of cycling in our country that goes through different parts of the territory. This sporting event, and the work we were doing on our Blog, made us realize the seahorses of steel relate to the Network Marketing Blogs on the Internet. What relationship there? In cycling will say the bicycle steel horse, then each runner rides her own horse during competition. But although everyone is going in your vehicle, there is still an intense team work. Surely you’ve noticed, that sometimes brokers halan among themselves to encourage their peers to the front. It is something very similar to what happens with the Network Marketing Blogs on the Internet, even while the teams are different. Among cyclists, pulling his companions is part of team strategy to get the win as a whole. In that same way, when you’re looking for an idea for Marketing or know any tool, often happens that You can find ideas that you need or help to get to the answers on the Blog of someone else, or in one of your comments that light you bulb and gives a hand. And so, almost without noticing, many times thanks to interactions, comments, content, ideas and others, we are the hand mutually to move forward towards the future of this fascinating industry whose future is becoming increasingly more interesting. Dayana and Network Marketing Freddy.