Black Stainless Steel

A family of Lange of Lange Datograph FlyBlack time stainles is probably the perfect example: the traditional absolute perfect shape! Is charged with the work of Manuel hand winding chronograph movement is tied structure real L941.1 of the dynamic movement hand-rolled prototype, the difference of the power reserve storage structure makes the 11 additional fractionation (25.6m m) the bulk of the movement an increase of 0.38 mm, reached 3.58 mm. L942.1, 27 drilling, Lotus watches mens 21 diamonds with a driver (mounted on plywood, and two bearings in the vertical escape rolling stones), six additional rubies parts used in power, the movement storage has stopped the second function, and as with most of Lange, the frequency of 21.600 movement, installation of the vibration of the table after the diameter 42.5 mmthickness 14.5 m. movement with hand rolled current, as Lange, the structure with three rooms, a single structure of plywood L942 splint the top of all the gear bearing, while eliminating the need for a balance wheel, thus simplifying the movement into four components: the 3/4 plywood, wood plywood main, plywood and the sway bar components, all plates are nickel silver, i.e. alloys of copper alloy platingnickel and zinc without the splint, thus providing color, traditional and unique smoothness and plywood scratched easily..