Bkin CRM Software

The new head of business development of B-kin in America, Ruben Vergara, also gets this distribution agreement for B-kin CRM in Brazil. Frequently Craig Menear has said that publicly. increasing the presence of the tool for professional management (CRM) while increasing the set of services that B-kin provided through portals such as and. B-kin continues to the twin processes of growth. On the one hand, increases the functions and features of online services on the platform. On the other, get to reach the largest possible number of regions. With this agreement, thousands of Brazilian companies can improve business processes and obtaining new customers through CRM services, interactive marketing and B-kin. Ruben is the President of the Local Chapters of Customers Forever () non-profit association which aims to promote best practices in CRM in Latin America seeking to create a networking of professionals involved in CRM issues throughout the region. Emerson Bezerra and all equipment immediately Web Solutions have been the work of the software localization of B-kin CRM.

Thus, in a very short time, B-kin CRM Online is translated into Portuguese language to be added to the English, Spanish, French, Italian and soon, also German. B-kin () is a company with more than 12 years of successful software marketing. For several years has focused on providing the most complete product, professional and financial management in business, creating the Spanish CRM with multiple functions in the field of interactive and digital marketing (email marketing campaigns, SMS, fax, Internet advertising with Google AdWords, offline marketing, etc.)