Best Practices

From celebrate birthday, include family members in the entertainments of the company, practicing medical examinations to staff and to reward with trophies to the best worker of the month, year, day and time. But, does that work? Is there some secret not disclosed on the subject? is 0 a question of luck or human resources manager doll.? Before giving a final track, remember some ways to liven up the existence the people in organizations: Coca Cola: work by desire, not obligation internal culture and communication Plan: who cares about organizing the celebration of special holidays: new year, Valentine, of the mother of the woman. the celebration of birthdays, the day of the super hero. Active and healthy life: partners voluntarily participating in a check medical preventive. The company also subsidizes 80% of a physical, such as gym, swim or dance program.

Mental trivia: Sends a riddle each month and made a draw among those who answered correctly. GMI reinduction talks: to keep informed collaborators with the company’s objectives. After the training becomes a recognition to those who best responded to a small test. Campaign’s organizational skills: seeks to develop the spirit of healthy competition, through talks and concepts in contributors. Knowledge communities: contributes to integrate, socialize, work as a team and exchange knowledge between employees.

Manages change: permanent campaign, promoting protocols of coexistence and good environmental practices supermarket Tottus collaborating in gestation: collaborating new that are in gestation, having no right to the period pre and post natal provides them 90 days of leave and the possibility of access to a loan. The night of talents: event of integration where the best of their cultural skills shown. Interbank card headhunter: are delivered by the bank managers, who when they detect a person with interbank profile immediately invite them and encourage to apply. Interbank corporate University: offer programs and basic courses that are published at the beginning of the year so employees can organize and participate.