Bent Metal Corrugated Profile

In the assortment of roll-formed metal, profiles occupy a special place. profiles with ribs or waves (ribbed plates, corrugated sheets, profiled sections with corrugations) and called corrugated curved profiles. Cabriole corrugated metal profile of all types, regardless of the number of corrugations, their shape and size can be divided into three groups: 1) sheet with corrugations across the width of the section, 2) sheet with periodic repetitive corrugations, then there are those in which the width of the corrugations are recurring and are separated by flat sections, and 3) Varietal with ripples. Metal profiles with periodic corrugations can be divided into subgroups: with longitudinal corrugations, with transverse, with longitudinal and transverse. Such profiles are used as slabs. Wall and roof components, flooring floors.

The load on the load-bearing structures using corrugated profiles is much less than when using hot profiles. For example, the weight of lightweight roofing elements bearing thin-walled corrugated metal sections in the range 6,4-9,2 kg/m2 which is much smaller than the mass of such elements made of reinforced concrete. Due to downsizing of roofing elements decreases the mass of steel structures and the mass of the foundations of buildings. Currently, corrugated metal profile is used in buildings of small spans and loads in the manufacture of storage space for commercial food industry and agricultural buildings. Ease of mounting, dismounting, repeatedly building and transportation contributes to the fact that this type of metal profile has become predominant in the creation of temporary structures of civil and special purposes. Corrugated metal profiles can be used as secondary elements in the construction of large projects, where the main supporting structure is made for thick material. They are essential and cheap material for construction of roofs of hangars, industrial halls, pavilions and other types of steel building structures.