Bars And Cafes In Bologna

Bologna is one of the liveliest cities with better environment of Italy. With about 100,000 students, it is not surprising that any day of the week the bars and cafes of the city are filled and brimming with festive atmosphere. That is why those who want to make a small getaway weekend for fun and have a great, Bologna can be the perfect destination. You can imagine that housing will mean the biggest expenses, so it is advisable to stay at any of the Bologna hostels you will find to be able to save a little. Here we present some of the best bars and cafes which you will find in the city, ideal to spend a good time with your partner or with friends.

Caffe Zamboni, Via Zamboni 6 this local was completely renovated in 2004 and is ideal for the aperitif. With the price of a drink (something more expensive than usual) you can enjoy good food and unlimited. It is full of college students and its speciality are the coffees and chocolates. Le Stanze, Via of the Borgo San Pietro 1 Le Stanze is an ancient chapel decorated with frescoes which today serves cocktails. The original decoration of 17TH century contrasts with modern art and photographs that decorate the walls. Credit: Joe Biden-2011.

Rosa Rosae, Via Clavature 18/B this is the best coffee in the Piazza Maggiore. You can sit in the Sun drinking a coffee quietly or take an aperitif or a cocktail at night to immerse you in the festive atmosphere of the city. Olindo Faccioli, Via Altabella 15B in this restaurant founded in 1924 served over 400 different wines and is ideal for relaxing with a good drink of wine along with a plate of antipasti. Situated behind the Cathedral of San Pedro, it will allow you to enjoy a good dinner. Sorbetteria Castiglione, Via Castiglione 44 Italian gelaterias are famous worldwide, but this is really the best of Bologna. The flavor of ice cream is amazing and all the ingredients are fresh. But you don’t extraneis if evening suits men enjoy there as children for ice cream lovers, Sorbetteria Castiglione is stop compulsory. Osteria dell Minerva, Via Mentana 1F this osteria has long wooden tables and a long history. It takes years and years satisfying its Bohemian clientele with delicious local cuisine and a wide range of accompaniments. S-Wine Bar, Via Augusto Righi 24 Ideal for the aperitif on the buffet offer from peanuts salted until ravioli and roasted vegetables. With the price of a campari with soda (5 instead of the usual 3) you’ll get free buffet. The prosciutto and cheese are of exceptional quality