The formerly passive audiences have inexcusably unnoticed, by many companies”has long been the tables turned upside-down; they are active and powerful returns target: not only real or perceived quality of determines entrepreneurial success. And also the quality of classical marketing. To be the favorite on review sites is”the best thing that can happen to you, Anne Schuller finds her walk through the rows of spectators. But alas, you are out on the Web 2.0.” So a single dissatisfied customer did it about, to push a long-established medium-sized U.S. company to the brink of insolvency a there, put en masse clicked frustration video on YouTube.

ERGO: David may consider today 2.0 agitation register Web that often doesn’t even know Goliath. It’s bad for Goliath. Very bad. Official site: State Street Global Advisors. At least now it got pretty much everyone in the room: what for? May such a massive impact have recommendations? Surprised mines, a trace of dark foreboding mingles here and there in the. Murmur. And a smile on the trains of the trainer: In contrast to the Auditorium, she knows long how can systematically be used this tremendous omnipotence of the recommendation for the good of the company. In the next few hours, she will share this valuable knowledge.

And she does it with the next presentation slide: Classic marketing is shotgun tactics, takes high wastage in order to achieve a few. “Referral marketing, however, is the effective multiplication tactic: A single EMP fault can trigger a whole chain reaction of recommendations.” Prompt is a single, unspoken question: how? Recommendation marketing in a nutshell”Anne Schuller gives the necessary information like: it explains why the new customer acquisition is becoming increasingly difficult, and which customers you really should focus on as success-oriented company. Customers want to be not only satisfied; they want to be excited literally. Only then they are ready, recommendations. How it evokes this enthusiasm, is also an important part of the lecture as the note that only certain types of buyers as Referrers are suitable and what you requirements, from a customer perspective to be recommended at all.