Asbestos Cement Pipes

Asbestos cement pressure pipes and pressure-free products are very wide application has a complex of valuable properties: 3 times lighter than metal pipes do not rust, do not burn, do not freeze, do not tend to "overgrowing"; more resistant to aggressive environments and soils, they do not need protection from stray currents and ground water; friction of water on the walls lower than that of metal pipes, which increases their capacity and reduces energy consumption for pumping liquids, reducing the cost of construction and installation work by 50-60% (cost-laying of heating and hot water a / c pipes with an increase in pipe diameter increases); effects of water (hot or cold) gives them additional strength and a large lifespan of 30-35 years. Non-pressure pipes are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of gost 1839-80 for pipes with a diameter of 100 mm and 150 mm, while for pipes with a diameter of 200, 250, 300, 400 and 500 mm employ the 5786-006-00281594-2002. Used for external devices pressureless sewage pipes (sewage pipes), chimneys (chimneys), ducts, flues, refuse chutes in residential buildings, while laying drainage collectors (drains) for pumping through the roads and crossings, cables, telephone and electric cables, instead of metal and wooden posts for fences, to replace the brick at the device cellars to override the roofs of garages and industrial buildings, for construction of foundations for columnar or single-storey prefabricated panel garden houses. To connect the asbestos-cement pipes are asbestos or non-pressurized plastic sleeves. Pressure Pipes are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of gost 539-80 grade BT-6 BT-9 and BT-12. Used for the construction of pressurized networks of potable and industrial water for pressure water supply, drainage and irrigation systems for pressure sewer (sewer pipes), heating, ventilation, drainage collectors (drains), chimneys (chimneys), ducts, flues, for thermal insulation in aggregates, in pipelines, for the foundations in wetlands, for the device through the drainage of the road and travel, for poles and fences, as well casings, well, for the manufacture of durable tray-feeders for cattle, for the manufacture of garage floors, roof gutters. To connect asbestos are asbestos cement pressure pipe joints such as the amu. To seal the fittings used rubber ring, sealing butt joint.. People such as Nicholas Carr would likely agree.