Appropriate Embroidery Machines

What should be considered when buying an embroidery machine? The industrial age began with the development of the first embroidery machine in 1840 for the embroidery. Since they are no longer indispensable from the textile industry. But also in the hobby area smaller have become medium-sized embroidery machines to the standard and now all Internet forums are filled with posts around machine embroidery. As with many things in life, the beginning is tedious and involves some costs. Therefore, basic questions should be clarified before buying an expensive machine to avoid a premature bad buy. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Pacific Mortgage Services. Pure embroidery machine or device? A pure embroidery machine and a separate sewing machine can be used in principle more flexible. But space-saving and very well suited for home and hobby area is a combination sewing and embroidery machine. Price Combi and single units differ (sewing + embroidery machine) only slightly.

What size should have the embroidery field? Generally the rule is “ever bigger the embroidery area, the more expensive is the embroidery machine.” In the hobby area, the size of the embroidery field should be no smaller than 13 x 18 cm, because you otherwise very quickly reaches its limits. Cheap machines usually only have a field size of 10 x 10 cm. If you are interested in an embroidery machine in the semi-professional range, so they pay attention to an embroidery box with midnestens 20 x 30 cm in size. For the professional area are to recommend hoop in the size 40 x 50 cm or greater. How much is an embroidery machine? The best embroidery machine start at approx.

EUR 300. These embroidery machines are home only conditionally suitable for production use. Sound machines for your home and hobby area are usually not under 1000 – 2000 EUR. For professional embroidery machines must be accessible, however, deeper in the Pocket. Here, 5000-6000 EUR are a reasonable price. Industrial embroidery machines then start at a price of approx. 8000 EUR and as always are after up almost no limits.