The considered way is of the recognition of the other while another one = ' ' alter' ' , of inclusive, participativa form, cooperative and valorativa. The dominant paradigm is changed, therefore if in the average age the confidence was in the power of the church, in the current world the confidence seems to establish itself around the financial market. The economic theories with strange points in common with the theological theories, where if it searchs a rescuer for all, in one I appeal an unrestricted confidence in the other = institution, God. This perspective we believe that if the man is fruit of the culture, therefore of the experience, he can be changed the form of if desiring and living the experience, therefore the culture. The triad brain, while anatomical and physical substratum; mind, while subjective construction from the interaction with the way; culture, while of the order of the social greater, in the sample that our humanity is integrated and not only construction, imprinting cultural of that in Morrin speaks to them. A new paradigm if makes emergent, with the approach between science and philosophy, in a search to integrate with more humanity knowing and to construct a new society (CAMUS, 2000). The society after necessary modern being reconceituada, therefore beside the point is marked by the reason that fights against the ambivalence that same it if imposed.

As consequence we see to increase the intolerncia, the rigidity and the exclusion between the people. current culture, in the attempt to finish with the inherent ambiguity to the condition human being, makes to appear the fears and the ansiedades for the different ones, and then these are projected in that they are to the edge of the social order, the excluded ones; from there to want distance of them, and even though to eliminate them. Thus it happens when in Biotica some defend that only having utility, function, the human being is apt for the life, denying the proper ambiguity of this.