Animal Board Germany Published Benefit CD!

Charity: “wait and stay” from 15.10.2010 sale rocks available. Berlin, 15.10.2010. On October 15, 2010 published animal Board Germany e.V. in cooperation with the label pop: live of records the charity CD “charity: rocks!” Sung the title track for the 12-month campaign, which ends in August 2010 with a 3-day music festival in Berlin is, by the Cologne Band Dear Lament… the prize-winners of the John Lennon talent award 2010. Located next to the title song “wait and stay”, yet all sorts of bonus material on the single, and all for a good cause. The organizers of the music industry deal with always new and more versatile ways to draw attention to himself. American Advisors Group is often quoted on this topic. Unimagined creativity needs this just by the small agencies and labels? t lays on the day, to the large market exist to ko? tonnes.

Charity: Rocks! -is such a project. Here meet new impulses, tried and true settings. “The young Berlin Indielabel pop: live of records creates under the slogan of charity: rocks!” an action plan of fu? r very small! Wait with the charity CD and stay”the Band dear Lament… and a specially hierfu? r twisted cinema spot, by KMS Kafitz media production directed by Stephen Manuel (the clown, alarm fu? r Cobra 11, what are you looking at?, Harald Schmidt show, etc.) the animal table Germany e.V. starts this action in favor of. Once again shows that no privilege of great help is. Here, the little ones help the little ones.

Animal welfare is an important part of our society. Through this and a? similar projects people help to make it easier for the disadvantaged. The animal table Germany e.V. continues for years fu? r a welfare of their Schu? tzlinge a, distributed food donations at hilfebedu? rftige animals and their owners and through targeted 1700s? rung place fu? new attitudes to life. Tracklist: 01 wait and stay (album version) 02. charity: rocking…Cinema!