Analysis Of The Multi-Level Market

The product analysis should be done under these two views. New and Technology: The world today, the modern consumer, consume technology. This is a very important feature that should have products going to market. It is indispensable that are really new, although it is preferable that they are not, but it’s hard to find products that fulfill this condition, however, the novelty must be in the form of submission. Some years ago the mouthwash industry reached its saturation level, each person had in his bathroom a bottle of mouthwash and very little was done to increase sales. Someone came up to change the presentation slides, with the property that is easily dissolved in the mouth and packed in a handy box that can be carried in any pocket. Result, sales grew immensely from year to year. The product is actually same, but the presentation is novel and involves not only creativity but also technology.

b-High level of use and excellent quality: It is an important feature, do not know any assembly of cars that use this system to market your product, however, the bulk of the industry is moving in the field of health: food supplements , reinforcement of the immune system, liquid energy, weight control, antioxidants, etc. etc., which are strictly personal consumer products, or products of high consumption. Remember the other hand, one of the qualities that differentiates this industry from fraudulent pyramid is just that the MLM is supported by a product that has added value and providing benefits to those who consume it, therefore, product quality questionable.Hay must be cautious because there are many tempting proposals that hide the futility of their products with lucrative commissions, training plans interesting, juicy literature and promotional items, all of this the participant must purchase and although its cost is not high, the real business is properly in the sale of these inputs because the product does not add anything interested. Finally, it is also important that your company offers a large variety of products, it is easier doing business with variety, with a single product.