All Stars Public

This year (2005), has witnessed a bad habit in the world of European football. It has become fashionable among less educated young people the Act of making noise of monkeys to taunt black players. Although I think making more to disturb the opposing team by racism, it has no place in football or anywhere else. Spanish football has been harshly criticized by the acts of a minority of young people who have no respect for anything. Today I witnessed something, something funny, curious and at the same time comforting. At the Santiago Bernabeu is juice a friendly against the All Stars of the MLS in the United States. At this stage of Real Madrid there is a group of young people who always feel behind the South goal has the nickname, Ultra Sur. In the first game before the start of the Spanish League already started this group with their bloops of monkeys when a black player touched the ball. However, not heard them more than a couple of seconds because the stadium threw to whistle to silence them. Try again 2 or 3 times already because they could not be hartaron against the the rest of the public. A pretty funny scene, was see a portion of the stadium fight with another party. Edges that blew this group was not limited to noises, trying to with other things (that I will not repeat), among them insulting to a newcomer to the template of Real Madrid. However they were soon whistled for the rest of the public and their efforts not served much. Since the Administration does nothing to silence those who give bad name to soccer, it is good to know that the public no longer supports them. There are other ways to encourage your team who make racist gestures and insulting. The Ultra Sur sang few things positive, encouraging to Guti, for example, and then the rest of the fans also supported.