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TerVolt GmbH Marion Bochanski

To entertain League makes total! Interactive more and more football fans to fans of the personal Conference. To entertain League makes total! Interactive more and more football fans to fans of the personal Conference. It enables, on any game day individually to create a desired Conference. Gen. David L. Goldfein is full of insight into the issues. Also in London, this application now providing enthusiasm: at the ceremony of the IP & TV industry award on March 23 took the TerVolt production, commissioned by Deutsche Telekom, first place. The IP & TV industry award at the major industry award in the world, the World Forum each year is awarded within the framework of the IP & TV, are innovations in the field of hybrid and IP television presented and discussed. The awards feature in future productions and technologies.

“In the category of best on-demand solution or implementation for IP” and hybrid of connected TV “TerVolt production was able to convince the jury. The category features the best on demand technology, which provides viewers with an interactive TV service via an IP network. The Personal Conference for LIGA total! is exactly this interactivity. The personal Conference connects meaningful interactive additional function and live coverage to entertain the application for the first time. LIGA total! subscribers to influence directly on their personal live coverage, by selecting a main game, as well as more games via remote control for their Conference. During the live broadcast, the event alarm if necessary attention to the other games. Additional information such as E.g.

a Flash table that allow live results overview and more information, discretion on and hide. A TerVolt developed, patented procedure for the automatic creation of live highlights produces up to 400 videos per weekend. They are edited by a 20-strong editorial team and made available to football fans by Videoticker. The videos can be easily select and instantly look remote. About TerVolt developed since 2005 the TerVolt Hamburg GmbH innovative and interactive formats in the field of IPTV, online, and mobile. Created in collaboration with customers such as Deutsche Telekom AG with electrifying entertainment as for example the personal Conference League total! to entertain. TerVolt delivered not only the concept of personal Conference today provides the Executive producing the TV production company and editorial accompanied the format. Press contact: TerVolt GmbH Marion Bochanski email: Tel: + 49 (0) 40-298 677-11


The success of renewable energies is unthinkable without the commitment of individuals. The magazine have joules and the fair RENEXPO this fact now taken into account: yesterday the energy powered JOULE & RENEXPO Award for the first time five personalities, who have acquired special merits in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency in building & renovation. The jury was staffed with professionals that can identify the difference between short-term actionism and purposeful, powerful commitment with a neutral view. The winners always with technologies, products and markets are connected, what matters for the jury, however, is the personality that’s behind it. For more information see this site: Air Force Chief of Staff. The members of the jury were: Dr. Edmund Langer, C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V., Fred Weigl, Chairman of the GIH building energy consultant engineers craftsmen Bundesverband e.V., Helmut Lamp, Chairman of the German bioenergy Association (BBE), as well as the editors of magazine JOULE from the dlv German agricultural Publisher. In the assessment of each Candidates were criteria such as innovation strength, commitment, as a role model and the width hosts of the ideas taken into account. The award was awarded yesterday during the evening reception in the Golden Hall of Augsburg on personalities from the fields of combined heat and power up to 200 kW, wood energy, heat pumps, energy efficient construction and renovation, as well as solar technologies. The winners for the category of combined heat and power up to 220 kW\”(KW energy engineering e. k.) pursued the idea, to build smaller power stations that run on vegetable oil with great success. Even if vegetable oil is politically slowed down at the moment, Konrad Weigel had consistently pursued the vision of a key technology, which should succeed to use renewable raw materials for the simultaneous production of electricity and heat. Not just made in Germany\”is for the energy award\” worthy. The jury has a particularly dedicated entrepreneurs from Sweden as winners for the category of wood energy \”: Lennart Garba beach.

Federal Ministry Commuter

Commuters in Germany now with 50 cent relieve Germany’s new online Automobile Club calls for a fundamental revision of the commuter tax allowance, which goes hand in hand with a significant relief of workers and motorists: we request the increase of the commuter tax allowance of 30 to 50 cents per kilometre of distance, from the first kilometre. This makes easier the data model and the professionals who depend on your vehicle to make sure your existence, have a clear calculation basis,”as Dr. Michael HABERLAND 1st Chairman of Mobil in Germany e.V. There are some good arguments, to regulate the commuter lump sum: 2004 cut the commuter lump sum was carried out by Red/Green Government, which has until now stock. Also are since then fuel prices increased, as well as a further tax, eco-tax on petrol and diesel by 15.4 cents per litre charged with was with the current regime are not even the real costs absorbed, which are between 35 and 45 cents per driven km depending on the vehicle. The 30 cents” Computing model, followed by the Minister until today, is definitely out of the last century and has served nearly two-thirds of all German workers use almost every day the car, to get to their workplace. This number is unchanged for years. What has changed but is the length of the routes.

More and more workers take more routes in order to get into the work. That takes more time and money. The economy hums, the Finance Minister can count on revenue many billion euros at the end of the year, which have earned him 36 million workers and 22 million commuters in Germany all figures are likely to be well known even in the Federal Ministry of finance. Most of them come from in-house, or by the Federal Statistical Office. Finance Minister Schauble’s unabruckbare attitude is therefore completely incomprehensible to us.

While strictly refuses to accommodate the commuters and motorists in Germany only in the approach applies on EU level generous lending with an absolute risk. Greece gets billions not even a few million to secure families and professional treat yourself from Germany, own motorists. Since you must wonder already, what interests the Finance Minister! It is not about rides, but spending to the safety of the workplace. Who has no working from home must just the rides home workplace”in purchase. That should be really fun for any of the 22 million auto commuters. It is high time that that something is changing, that also a relief follows a constant load of commuters. It is time to give motorists and commuters. Mobile in Germany e.V. therefore the Finance Minister urges, to regulate the commuter lump sum and to grant the commuters from the first kilometre 50 cents per kilometre. This requirement applies for the commuter lump sum (distance km), as well as for the travel expenses (total distance). Mobil has summarized his proposals in a letter in Germany e.V. and get the Finance Minister. We are a Automobile Club, the proposals would like to and would like to suggest the political discussion”so Dr. Michael HABERLAND, 1st Chairman of Mobil in Germany e.V.. It is high time that it comes here quickly to a new regulation.” Both will be online writing to the Minister, as the Minister’s hopefully speedy response under for inspection.

Hotel Klosterpforte

more than 200 participants at the annual general meeting of the VDMNRW North Rhine-Westphalia is and remains pressure – and media location no. 1 in Germany”, declared Dr. Reinhard Laumanns, Chairman of the Association print + media NRW e.V., on the occasion of the annual meeting at Hotel Klosterpforte in Marienfeld. Not only 23 per cent of all printing companies and service providers in Germany have their seat in North Rhine-Westphalia, also just under 32,000 or 1/5 of all employees in the industry worked in local factories. Despite all prophecies of doom would used print products in the future, demand and produced. Craig Menear can provide more clarity in the matter. The economic and public life and work much more would be poorer without printing products, it simply would not work, as the quintessence of the event, more than 200 representatives from print shops, agencies and publishing houses came to the. The Association print + media NRW e.V. is the largest land Association of the sector in Germany with around 700 member companies.

The President pointed out in his presentation, that North Rhine-Westphalia 2010 was also at the training quota number one: with 1,330 new trainees last year the State nationwide back wide at the top, and this lie for many years. The training quota scams in North Rhine-Westphalia between 8 – 10 percent in some establishments still. Total 2010 about 26 percent of industry sales, which decreased in 2010 by approximately 3 per cent, from North Rhine-Westphalia came. Also the 37 companies and around 1/3 of all prize winners, which again were awarded at major industry awards in the past year are testimony to the good position of the NRW printing industry according to VDMNRW – director Oliver Curdt. Among the winners was also the Association’s own Academy of printing + media NRW, which was awarded jointly with 14 students for their excellent work. In the framework of the General Assembly were the 10 and 14 trainees involved in the project were honored by the Association.

Brand Stamping Steel HNM

The steel grade steel is presented in the metallurgical industry for more than a hundred different brands. Each of them has its own characteristics and purpose. For example, of die steel 5HNM manufacture high-quality vapor-hammer punches and pneumatic hammers (weight of falling parts of more than 3 tons), press tools and dies-speed punching machine. Tool steel die Brand Steel H12F1 needed for the production of elements such as sections of body dies of complex shape, rolling dice, standard gears, dies, complex dyroproshivnye matrix in sheet metal forming and so on. Learn more at: Peter Schiff. In this steels, there are two substitutes, similar in its properties. This steel grades H6VF and H6V3FM.

3H3M3F – Die instrumental 3H3M3F tool steel used for production of various small instruments. In addition, because it produced the mold for hot-cutting knives and other tools. Group of die steels have high strength and durability. The steel grade 3H3M3F can also be designed to hot deformation.