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Industrial Revolution

The traditional isolated residences and with ample ratios, are to the few being substituted for these groupings, with lesser houses, next between itself and that they inside share diverse equipment of the limits defined well by the high walls, that are propagated by the market as important agents for guarantee of the desired security and the privacy. They are vertical or horizontal, them already are part of the Brazilian urban landscape, being able to be pointed as a consolidated urban phenomenon. 2. Shopping Centers After the market and the merchants to obtain to adentrar the cities in the end of the Average Age, its concentration costumava to occur in opened places, but they had been gradually brought for inside of constructions. With the industrial Revolution, new technologies of the job of steel and glass in coverings had allowed vain greaters. The galleries that had passed to be constructed, sheltering the commerce, simultaneously gave to the sensation of interior and exterior and although covered they kept the characteristics of public space, being accessible to all the citizens. First shopping to center was constructed in Rotterdam, Holland, in 1953, its popularizao started to occur in the decades of 50 and 60 in the United States and took these enterprises, from the Ocidente, if the regions of the world to proliferate for all propagating the set of ideals and habits of american way of life and effectively marking the beginning of this enterprise know as it today: great constructions, generally closed, with high number of options of leisure and consumption and services. In its origin, the main factors that had stimulated the diffusion of these enterprises had been offer of parking and the concentration of diverse commercial establishments, disclosing a yearning to establish, through comforts, cities artificial inside of the urban one without the problems presented for it. With the increase of the indices of crime in the cities it was incorporated its marketing, of more significant form, the question of the security sensation as attractive fort.