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Brazilian Industry

The concept support has direct relation with the continuity of economic, social, cultural and ambient the activities in the geographic space; it elapses of practical ecologically correct executed for the farming one, industry, commerce of goods and services and its consumers. Ecological conformity normally is materialize with the job of the principles of the reduction, reutilizao and recycling of the residues, that estimates the conscientious consumption in which if it recommends the purchase of absolutely indispensable products, more durable and biodegradveis. In what it says respect to the Brazilian industry of practical footwear the ecologically correct ones are not spread, but restricted the determined company of medium and great transport, generally with performance in national level e, many times, the International. Perhaps how much to the micron and small industries, of local or regional performance, the difficulty to incorporate practical sustainable, is related, among others reasons, to the concern, of its controllers, to presumable price increasing in the costs of the sustainable products..